History of CBD Oil

A lot of people believe that the therapeutic benefits of CBD Oil are somewhat of a recent discovery. In reality however this is far from the truth. The very first documented use of cannabis medicine dates all the way back to 2737 BC and this happened when Sheng Nung used cannabis tea to help with a huge range of ailments. Queen Victoria actually believed that CBD helped her to alleviate menstrual cramps during her reign too. Cannabis really has served as a very therapeutic resource and when you look at the rise of modern resource you will soon see that it is now more popular than ever before. It wasn’t actually until 1839 when William O’Shaughnessy published a large study. He then investigated the therapeutic effects of the plant and this is when researchers began to consider the medical application of the product and how it could be used.

The Study

In his study, he explored the effects of cannabis and he also described some of the medical applications. He even explored using it as an anaesthetic too. The Irish researcher might not have released it at the time, but he did actually open the door to the discovery of the compounds that would eventually become cannabinoids. A century after the study, the advancements in research and even technology happened to reveal the presence of the compounds in the plant. A few years later, Roger Adams was then able to isolate the very first cannabinoid known as CBD. His research is actually responsible for the entire discovery of THC.

Early Research

When you look at the early stages of the research of CBD Oil or cannabis in general, you will see that scientists had somewhat limited knowledge of it and the structure that it had. They had only a partial understanding of the composition that was contained in the plant and because of this, they were not actually able to determine which compound was responsible for causing which effect.

History of CBD Oil - Hemp Plant

The Breakthrough

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam made the first breakthrough in understanding the effects of individual cannabinoids in the year 1963. He managed to identify the stereochemistry of CBD and what it actually did. One year later, another breakthrough was made, and this then discovered the stereochemistry of THC. It was then when it was discovered that this was actually a mind-altering compound. Research continued to advance and this is when a victory occurred. A bill was passed by New Mexico and this ultimately recognised the fact that medicinal cannabis actually had some value. The momentum then continued and some even found that it could be used to treat epilepsy too.

The Rise of CBD Oil and the California Bill

In the year 1996, California passed something that was known as Proposition 215. This made them the very first state to actually legalise medical marijuana. In less than a few years later, 7 other states then followed. Patients in the US then had access to CBD for a huge number of health ailments and this included chronic pain, neurodegenerative diseases and more. The distinction between CBD and other cannabinoids had become much more known throughout the scientific community at the time and one of the major factors that contributed to this was actually America’s opposition. People considered marijuana to be a gateway drug and that it was in fact dangerous, addictive and most of all harmful.

When you look at the country’s position towards cannabis at the time, you will see that people were changing their beliefs and that they were also educating the masses. Enacting any kind of CBD-specific laws seemed somewhat impossible and the timeline of 25 years did seem somewhat optimistic. Rick Simpson suffered from a very rare type of skin cancer and the unique and somewhat moving stories of various CBD-users showed how much relief it was able to provide. It was also found that the natural product could help with depression, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

The genuine and organic nature of the stories and even the openness of those who are willing to share them actually helped people to fuel a surge of awareness. This happened all the way across the country and it also led to other people sharing their views too.

Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi was a young girl who was born in Colorado. She had a very rare form of epilepsy and this was known as Dravet syndrome. This is devastating but it does affect 1 in every 16,000 infants. When Charlotte reached the age of four, she had lost much of her ability to eat, talk and walk. She also experienced over 300 seizures a week too. Charlotte Figi’s parents tried to do everything they could to help her and they even tried a lot of modern medicine too. By the time she was 5, she realised that no traditional doctor would be able to help her daughter and they turned to cannabis. They were very hesitant at first and they did not want to resort to it unless it was a last option, but they did not feel as though they had much of a choice. She consumed a very small amount of CBD oil extract which came from a certain strain. Now she is happy and thriving and can easily go hours on end without having a seizure. Her parents quickly realised that their prayers had been answered and that CBD oil did in fact work with them.

When you fast-forward to now, you will soon see that she only experiences 2-3 seizures a week and that this is a huge decrease from the 300 seizures that she experienced back in the day. Of course, this just shows how much time and effort people have put into discovering cannabis and the health benefits that it has to offer. Only time will tell if even more benefits are going to be unearthed in the future but right now it looks like it is being more understood than ever before.

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