CBD Oil – Availability and Use around Europe

If you are a CBD Oil enthusiast then you will know that the laws in Europe can vary from country to country. The main thing that you do need to know is that right now, there is no European consensus that determines whether CBD should be legal or not, and for that reason, the laws can vary, even with those countries that share a border. With that being said, it should be noted that Europe is easily one of the more liberal parts of the world when it comes to cannabis, legalisation and marijuana in general.

Tourists can easily enjoy THC-rich marijuana in coffee shops across the Netherlands. You can also enjoy cannabis social clubs throughout Spain too, but when you go to the Czech Republic you will see that it has been decriminalised for personal use and for possession too. In this article, we are going to discuss what kinds of products are available in Europe and where.

CBD is Legal Everywhere- Apart from Slovakia

Being in possession of, and purchasing cannabis is legal everywhere in Europe except for Slovakia. It can easily be purchased everywhere, whether you are in Italy or Norway, and hemp is even being grown in Europe for a huge range of CBD products. CBD is a grey area in Italy though, as the laws are continually changing. The country did enjoy a period of legal hemp, but the government then overturned the law and this pushed it right back into illegal territory. A lot of cannabis products are still being sold in Italy and businesses have not yet been instructed to stand down, so that makes the situation regarding hemp in Italy somewhat confusing and even turbulent. Europeans can travel around Europe with virtually any cannabis products they want, especially if it doesn’t contain THC.

Not All Products are Legal

EU regulations essentially mean that certain CBD products are regulated much more heavily when compared to others. Different rules do apply in different countries too. For example, when you look at the EU, you will soon find that CBD products are considered to be novel foods. It can take three years or more for a novel food to be approved in the EU and this provides some degree of compliance issues for the countries that are selling CBD freely. When you look at the Netherlands, you will see that it is illegal to sell any isolated cannabinoids to the general public. Sure, both CBD and THC are legal in the Netherlands and the products are generally available.

That being said, CBD isolate and even THC extracts cannot be found. To make things even more interesting, it’s legal to manufacture them, and a lot of companies export the THC extracts they make to the rest of the world. Isolated cannabis is used in CBD Oil and vape juices alone in the Netherlands. When you look at the Czech Republic or even Italy, you will see that it is legal to actually sell CBD isolate to the public, but this is not true for THC. THC is still illegal, but you can feel free to purchase CBD isolate freely.

The Market is Booming

The EU cannabis market actually accounts for 31% of the cannabis market in the world. It’s only second to North America. 90,000 acres of land in the EU are fully devoted to the manufacturing of hemp. A lot of them are actually concentrated in Romania, the Netherlands, Lithuania, France and more. This has grown significantly when you look at hemp cultivation back in 2011, which had only 8,000 acres.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is actually a chemical compound. It can be found in the cannabis plant but it is derived from hemp. This substance is naturally occurring but it is not psychoactive. This usually means that it won’t impair or even impact your mental state or wellbeing. THC on the other hand is a derivative that is used across the country in the US.

If you look back thousands of years, you will soon find that indigenous people have been using hemp for a ton of daily uses. They spun it into fibre to make clothing and they also used it to purify water too. CBD can now be turned into oils which are great for your skin. It can also significantly improve workout inflammation, giving you the chance to maintain your focus. If you have never used this product before then simply take a look below to find out more.

Helps you to Remain Calm

If you suffer from work-related stress or constant deadlines, then you’ll be glad to know that CBD oil can help you with that. One of the most-talked-about benefits regarding CBD oil is that it can help you to collect your thoughts while also easing your anxiety. A lot of professionals actually find this essential as it helps them to deal with overbearing or picky clients. CBD oil is ideal for calming your nerves and it also helps you to deal with the task in hand, which is usually essential if you have a stressful job.

Everyday Stress

CBD oil is a fantastic relaxing agent. It clears your mind and it also settles your heart rate. It gives you the chance to regain focus and control when you can’t seem to deal with everything that is going on around you. If you find it hard to manage stress in general or if you feel as though life gets too much at times and there is nothing you can do about it, then you’ll be glad to know that CBD oil can be a great help.

Post-Workout Inflammation

CBD oil is fantastic at reducing any inflammation that could have been due to a workout. When you are active, you put strain on your body and your muscles. This creates very tiny cuts in the tissue, and this is what helps you to build your strength. This is not dangerous, but it’s not comfortable either. CBD oil can help you with this by soothing any inflammation that may result from your workout.

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