1CBD take pride in delivering the highest quality pure Hemp Full Spectrum Extract PCR CBD Oil. We only use hand-picked extracts derived from the world’s finest hemp fields, grown outside in the Colorado sunshine, with no exposure to harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our unique extraction process allows all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and amino acids to remain intact. 1CBD Oils are prepared in small batches ensuring quality, consistency, taste, colour and potency. All our products are freshly prepared, rich in flavour and contain natural preservatives.

Zero THC means ZERO THC, our products induce absolutely none of the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Made from pure, chemical free & premium strains of high CBD hemp plants, we deliver the highest specification Full Spectrum Extract PCR CBD Oil in the UK. Our extraction process uses medical grade CO2, the safest & most environmentally friendly method currently available.

All the raw materials and extracts we use are vigorously tested and HPLC analysed by independent laboratories across the USA for quality and purity assurance.

Trustpilot Reviews

Our customers are all ages, from all walks of life and they have great things to say about 1CBD on Trust Pilot.

I have been taking the capsules for over a week now and not once in that time have I took a painkiller. I suffer from body aches due to a vitamin d defiency a few years ago and I go through a lot of painkillers in a day, it feels amazing not to take them. My anxiety has decreased and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in 5 years. Highly recommend.

– Liane                                                   28 May 2019

I like to use these as I have trouble taking tablets so I can suck these and go down easy

– Laura Skinner                                                      24 May 2019

Since using this product my sleep has improved, I am calmer and generally happier. It has changed my life. If you are wondering whether to purchase this product don't hesitate - you won't look back!

– Sara Deasy                                                      23 May 2019

One of the Best
After trying other brands none compared to them.
Super quick at replying and speedy delivery.
They’ve catered to my needs too thank-you so much.
Would always recommend them to friends and family.

– RB                                                      16 May 2019